Start Networking With Cox Integrated Solutions

Premium network system installation services in Lebanon, IL

Do you need a more efficient communications setup in your home or office? Call on the highly trained technicians at Cox Integrated Solutions for the job. We provide fast and affordable network system installation services for residential and commercial clients in Lebanon, IL and the surrounding areas.

High-tech solutions for your home or office

High-tech solutions for your home or office

Whether you want to transfer calls from your office phone to your iPhone or improve your network’s infrastructure to prevent unauthorized access and data theft, we can help. Our services include:

  • Building custom modems and servers for your property
  • Working with multiple internet service providers
  • Installing fiber-optic systems and IT systems
  • Setting up mesh networks and wireless access points

Run your life and your business with a high-tech network system from Cox Integrated Solutions in Lebanon, IL. To schedule network system installation services, call 618-980-5989.